New Zealand is tucked away in the South Pacific – a little country with a huge heart and a warm and friendly population of just 4 million (compare this to countries of much the same size – UK 62 million, Japan 120 million and the state of California 30 million!).

New Zealand comprises three main islands – North, South and Stewart – which are separated by comparatively narrow straits. New Zealand lies in the south-west section of the Pacific Ocean, 1,600 km east of Australia and is a little over 10,000 km from San Francisco and Panama and a like distance from Tokyo and Singapore.

New Zealand’s isolated raft of islands contains some of the wildest places on earth and six of the seven climatic regions on the planet. Much of the country’s striking natural beauty is preserved in an extensive system of national parks; discover endless diversity and amazing beauty everywhere.

Unparalleled golden-sand beaches, craggy coastlines fringed by pohutakawa trees, safe-but-active volcanic and thermal areas with geysers and hot springs bubbling and fuming, spectacular fjords carved by ice-age glaciers that bite deeply into the coast, glaciers that descend into ancient rain forests and fill picturesque lakes and wild rivers, pristine snow-capped alpine mountains to ski and climb and unique flora and fauna…

The New Zealand landscape is indeed spectacular and infinite in its variety. Discover large areas of luxuriant forests, which are the delight of trampers, campers and hunters. In fact, 2.8 million hectares of permanent forest or recreation land has been set aside as National Parks and Scenic Reserves. The New Zealand climate is a mild and tranquil one and hours of sunshine equal those of Italy and Florida.