Alice Blackley is New Zealand-born and has painted all her life. Her unconventional upbringing has contributed to her love of a nomadic lifestyle (her father, best friend of Nicci’s late godfather, Gerry Nolan, is a real adventurer, who drove the length of Africa in a Morris Minor in the 1950s, and is a pilot and a sailor, to boot).

Alice explores, walks, draws, and paints the region’s many environments on a daily basis – and it was her shared enthusiasm for the outdoors and living a creative life that led her to establish Art Adventures.

Alice has been a full-time artist for over 20 years, exhibiting at home in New Zealand, and overseas. She enjoys the opportunity to help developing artists and novices with one-to-one tuition, to develop their confidence, their ways of approaching a subject or location, and their individual sense of expression. She loves hosting her Art Adventures guests and giving them a world-class experience to treasure.

Alice’s favourite medium for art excursions is pastel, as it is direct, spontaneous and flexible – a pastel drawing can be completed in three hours, making it ideal for working in the field, in changing light and weather.

Alice was drawn to Queenstown’s majestic mountain-scapes and dramatic seasonal contrasts; her love for the high country and the sense of isolation it offers, lured her to this part of New Zealand in 2005, where she lives and teaches, whilst continuing to exhibit in both islands of New Zealand.