When John and Nicci Stevens visited their daughter, Briar ‘down under’ a few years ago, they hit upon an idea … how about taking their shared knowledge of designing and guiding bespoke luxury journeys for discerning travellers in Africa – and extending it into Nicci’s homeland of New Zealand? With Briar being based in that part of the world, it made sense to make the idea reality – and Guided New Zealand was born.

Briar Stevens grew up in a culture of adventure, in going beyond, where expanding your horizons is a way of life; she’s passionate about continuing to build on the Stevens family reputation, which always exceeds expectation in style. 

In pursuit of their passion for distinctive travel, the Stevens have established and continue building on strong, mutually beneficial relationships with New Zealand’s best guides and owners/managers of bespoke accommodation destinations.

So not only will you experience the vast richness and incredible beauty of New Zealand, but also you’ll be immersed in the fascinating stories, cultures, personalities, talents and insights of extraordinary people and remarkable places.