Combining a sense of adventure with an innate understanding of what discerning travelers look for, Guided New Zealand will craft a perfect journey for you, based on your needs, dates, dreams, interests and budget.

Whether this is hiking, fishing, shooting, food and wine, art and culture; whether you yearn for adventure or want to sink into more leisurely pursuits; whether you want world-class luxury accommodation or prefer friendly home stays…

“…you’ll be immersed in the fascinating stories, cultures, personalities, talents and insights of extraordinary people and remarkable places. “

How about playing golf, buying wine or art, sailing or cruising along the spectacular coastline, or hiking through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery? Do you want to self-drive or take private charters? Whether you want to be guided throughout your stay or just at times, or whether you have 10 or 30 days to spend here, Guided New Zealand brings you special insider experiences you never thought possible.

Come with us to the heart of this amazing destination.

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