What is new and fresh in the world is what excites us all.

It’s what energises us and it’s what brings beauty and brilliance to a travel experience.

Moments of breathless discovery, sheer joy, happy exploration, quiet contemplation, overwhelming warmth and shared laughter makes travel more than just about places and people; it’s about getting up close and personal.

And with Guided New Zealand, that’s just what you can expect.

Guided New Zealand creates exceptional New Zealand journeys that take you to the heart of each destination, revealing the wonder of it all from an insider’s point of view.

Each Guided New Zealand journey is unique and draws on the close connections Nicci and John Stevens have with the New Zealanders who’ll host you, guide you, teach you and share with you. Not only will you experience the vast richness and incredible beauty of New Zealand, but also you’ll be immersed in the fascinating stories, cultures, personalities, talents and insights of extraordinary people and remarkable places.

We thank the following for allowing us the use of their photographs on this website:
Tourism New Zealand, Gareth Eyres, Chris McLennan, James Heremaia, Jocelyn Carlin, Kieran Scott, George Andros, Hamish Murray, Alice Blackley,
Gordy  Watson, Grant Petherick, David and Andrea Richie, Anne and Philip Todhunter, The Dwyers, Jacqui and John from Mahitahi Lodge,
Rod Stuart, Bruce and Louise Stobart, Nicola Edmonds, Penny Hoogerbrug of Walk Gisborne, Ulrich Lange